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Average Price & Sqft

The average price and sqft of other properties in the neighborhood. The subject bar includes the price of the reno and the cost of the sale.


Price Of Sold


Max Bid


Active Comps


SQFT Of Sold


SQFT Of Subject


Active Comps

Cost Break Down

$106,400 Predicted Worst Case Cost Of Project. We believe we can sell it for at least $135,000 in a Worst Case Scenario Situation.

What We Like

The significant gap between the active and sold listings in relation to the subject property's price provides a substantial margin to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. This instills confidence in our ability to generate a profit and meet our obligations to our esteemed partners. 

After conducting a thorough analysis of comparable properties, we have identified an opportunity to increase the value of our property through strategic renovations. Our ultimate aim is to create an ambiance that exudes luxury beach living while being mindful of cost efficiency.


In summary, this opportunity offers a substantial profit margin due to a significant gap between active and sold listings, instilling confidence in the investment's profitability. Furthermore, the property's larger size and planned renovations, including a garage addition and enhanced interior design, increase its potential value and make it a secure and appealing investment option.

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