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  • How Do We Structure Each Partnership?
    We use a JV (Joint Venture Agreement) for each deal. We recommend reaching out to legal counsel with any questions or concerns. The key points of the partnership are: Money in the deal stays in the deal. We are responsible for managing and hiring crews. You have the option to assist with decisions if you want to. Deal is expect to last 4-6 months. Profits are not guaranteed, but you will always be paid before we are.
  • How Long Is Each Partnership?
    The length of each deal varies from deal to deal depending on a multitude of factors. We say you should plan for a deal to last up to 6 months. Although it is unlikely a deal will last 6 months, it is a safe number.
  • How Do We Fund Deals
    We use private money lenders, hard money, and partners for capital.
  • We Can I Expect To Make
    We legally can't guarantee anything, but we purchase in locations and at prices that allow us to be very confident in saying you can expect a 10% return on your contribution per deal.
  • Everyone Is Telling Me To Avoid Houses Right Now, Why Are You Still Buying?
    We've heard the same thing. For obvious reasons we can't give you financial advise, but in our opinion, if you are a home buyer planning on living in your new home for 1-4 years, now is a terrible time to buy. If you are planning on living in the home for 10+ years, now is as good as time as any other time. We are neither. We strategically buy properties in location where buyers are always looking. We perform market research to understand at what price is our investment a safe investment.
  • What Is Our Underwriting Process?
    Before we even think about writing an offer, we research the market to spot the trends in the market. If the market is dropping 3% per month we account for the drop. We have 3rd party specialist validate a safe resale price. Our lenders also hire a 3rd party to validate our expected exit strategy. We perform a worst case scenario rehab analysis. We combine all these factors and determine what our worst case break even number would be. If the absolute worst case scenario sale price is above our break even number, the deal is a no brainer to us.
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