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Average Price & Sqft

The average price and sqft of other properties in the neighborhood. The subject bar includes the price of the reno and the cost of the sale.


Price Of Sold


Price Of Subject


Active Comps


SQFT Of Sold


SQFT Of Subject


Active Comps

Cost Break Down

$94,270 Predicted Cost Of Project With $345,270 Break Even. We believe we can sell it for at least $425,000

What We Like

The significant gap between the active and sold listings in relation to the subject property's price provides a substantial margin to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. This instills confidence in our ability to generate a profit and meet our obligations to our esteemed partners.

The property's size is smaller than the prevailing homes in the area, which is advantageous for several reasons. Firstly, the smaller property size makes it less expensive and less time-consuming to undertake renovation work. This translates to significant cost savings, which bolsters the security of our partners' investment. Additionally, the smaller property size enables us to leverage the superior performance of larger homes in the area and command a higher price per square foot than comparable properties.


In summary, the property's size is a significant asset in our investment strategy, providing us with an enhanced edge in our margins.

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